Mystery Critters:

1. Cat, white porcelain, unknown Japan? copy of a Wein figurine; 2. Cat, white porcelain; 3. Pottery Deer & foal;


4. Hunter w/ sidesaddle rider; 5. Pottery donkey figurine, I've seen it also as a salt shaker paired with an oversized horseshoe, Walker? Ohio Pottery?; 6. Dodo bird salt shaker, white pottery, Walker?; 7. Cockatoo, white pottery, Simmons?;


8. Pottery, 1" high; 9. Colored Pottery 1950s minis, green eyes, I also have pigs, a spaniel & a skunk with the same green eyes; 10. 1950s Horse in a Bathing Suit, Walker? RioHondo?, pottery;


11. Squirrel, pottery, Rio Hondo? Simmons?; 12. Grumpy Skunk, pottery; 13. Skunk, white china;


13. White pottery mouse, 1/2". McFarlin?; 14. 1950s colored pottery, owl 1 1/4" high, Twin Winton? Mcfarlin?; 15. 1950s colored pottery, larger one about 2" high, Twin Winton? Mcfarlin?;


16. Handmade pottery, impressed mark ""; 17. Turtle, white pottery, heavy glaze, 1930s/1940s, Weller?;


18. Colored pottery, 1950s; 19. Siamese cats, colored pottery; 20. 1950s pottery;


21. Cat trio, pottery, 1940s/1950s;


22. Pig, white pottery; 23. Porcelain Donkey; 24. Pottery Cat;


25. White pottery, under 1" high, 1950s/1960s; 26. Miniature 1950s pottery;


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