Other California Companies:

Millesan Drew/Drew's Pixies colored pottery. The pixies were hand produced by Millesan, they were later licensed to Hagen-Renaker (H-R issued ones have gold shoes, usually with the top & legs of different colors) & Napco (similar to the H-Rs except the Napco ones have a model number printed on them and painted flesh tone faces instead of bisque). The Hawaiian children may have also been made by Hagen-Renaker and test marketed at Knotts Berry Farms. The rights were later sold to Napco - the ones shown here are the Napco releases. They are marked with a model number.

De Lee Art - 1930s to 1950s

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Brad Keeler -

Metlox, American Potteries, Shaw -

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Twin Winton -

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Kay Finch -

Fred Kaye - miniatures










Arcadia - novelty miniature salt & pepper sets. I know, not animals - but, cute anyway!

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