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To identify an animal figurine with only a number or partial sticker check here:

Markings and Stickers


Hagen-Renaker Gallery

The biggest & best, over 2,000 images! Pottery figurines 1949 to present

Beachstone/Renaker-Brazel Gallery

Miniature figurines & Ornaments, 1975-1988

Bug House Gallery

Miniature figurines, 1980s-1990s

Freeman-McFarlin Gallery

Pottery figurines 1927-1986

George-Good Gallery

Figurine designs by Maynard Freeman, 1980s-1990s

Josef Originals Gallery

Animal figurines by Murial Joseph-George 1945-1980s

Lefton Gallery

Importer - ceramic figurines.

Napco Gallery

Importer - ceramic figurines.

Loza Electrica Gallery

Miniature figurines, 1992-1998

Robert Simmons Gallery

Animal figurines 1930s - 1960s

Rio Hondo

Pottery figurines 1930s - 1950s


California figurines, 1938-1977


Miniature figurines made in England, 1920-present

Walker Potteries & Walker-Renaker Gallery

California pottery figurines, 1932-1959

Other "Made in California" Gallery

Figurines by Arcadia, Shaw/Metlox & more.

Other "Made in Japan" Gallery

Figurines by Shiken, Mikasa, Keepsake & more, 1940s to present

A Few More Companys

Figurines by Ceramic Arts Studios, Goebel & more.

Mystery Critters Gallery

Help us figure out the makers of these figurines!

Books on Collectibles

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George-Good**Josef Originals**Lefton**Napco**Loza Electrica**RioHondo

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