The Great Pretenders - copies of Hagen-Renaker figurines.

There are a lot of copies out there. Almost all of the earlier pieces were copied (and a lot of the recent ones too). Most are easy to tell, but, some of the 50's made in Japan figures can fool almost anyone. Here are a few figurines that are NOT Hagen-Renakers (some shown with the real thing next to it for comparison).

Larger DW Copies on page 2


Miniature Copies:

1. Two hydrants, both are copies, 1 3/8" - white bone china w/Japan sticker from the 60's, 1 1/8" - unmarked cold painted white pottery; 2. 1990s Hammerhead Shark, Loza (top) & Hagen-Renaker (bottom), the Loza shark has a white belly (white pottery), is lighter in weight & slightly longer; 3. Keepsakes copy of H-R caterpillar; 4. Bone China bee hive;




Ceramic molds that are copies of H-Rs from the 1960s (H-R copies circled)

Larger DW Copies on page 2

Copies Cats:

Fake Birds:

Fake Dogs:

Fake Horses:

Fake Farm Animals:

Fake Wildlife:

Other Fakers:

1. 1980s/1990s Made by Bug House of Japan, it's only 1" high - smaller than the H-R; 25. White bone china; 3. 1960s Shiken Japan copies of the H-R mama & baby parrot with an added family member, white pottery; 4. White Bone China by Bug House; 5. 1950s Kriess Paper Japan sticker on rump, white pottery;


6. 1960s Japan white bone china family of chickens; 7. Oversized copy (3"), 1950s, pottery; 8. 1960s bone china, Japan; 9. Kelvin's of Japan, pottery, 1960s;


10. 1980s Bug House Japan white bone china (on right), real H-R on left; 11.1980s bone china, Japan; 12. 1980s Bug House Japan white bone china;


13. . Japan, white pottery (shown with the real H-Ron left); 96. Japan, white pottery (shown with the real H-R); 97. 1950s Japan, white pottery;


16. 1950s Occupied Japan white pottery;


1. on left, tan bone china, made in Japan from 1978, copy of #439, slightly smaller (13/16") than the H-R, excellent paint & detail, shown with the H-R for comparison; 2. 1960s Keepsake Miniatures copy of #326, white bone china; 3. Hagen-Renaker Boxing cat on left & a Japan bone china copy on the right;


4. 1950s tan pottery copy of #261 (fake on the left); 5. 1950s tan pottery copy of #262 (fake on the left); 6. An exact mold copy of early cat #73, tan pottery, marked Japan, 1950s;


7. 1960s copies of three H-R cats; 8. 1960s Japan tan pottery copy of the H-R fishing cat, this fish is a metallic gold color (real one is glazed orange); 9. 1960s Japan copy of the H-R hanging cat, colored pottery;


10. Modern home cast ceramic copy of the H-R Persian; 11. Recent Bug House white bone china; 12. Japan, White Bone China, 1950s;


13. White pottery, 1950s, unmarked; 14. Colored Pottery, Japan, 1950s; 15. White Bone China; 16. 1950s white pottery;


17. Hobby Cast Ceramic;


1. marked "Made in China" with a gold paper sticker, recent copies, white bone china, 2" & 1", this company is currently making many H-R copies; 2. unmarked, but I remember it was made in Japan, purchased in 1978, copy of #348, slightly larger than H-R & the color doesn't cover the edges of his feet, tan bone china, 1 1/16"; 3. 1960s Japan, excellent copy of the running dog, white bone china; 4. Slightly larger copy of the early Hagen cocker with newspaper (real one on the right);


5. Larger copy of the circus dog #268, very nice, 3", white pottery, the little one is the real H-R; 6. 1950s Chained together copies of the Boston Terrier family, Japan sticker, white pottery; 7. 1960s unmarked poodle copy (real one on right), white bone china; 8. Homecast type ceramic;


9. 1950s, colored pottery; 10. Hobbycast type ceramic; 11. Hobbycast type ceramic;


1. 1950s Japan copy of #147 Frisky Foal, brown pottery; 2. 1950s Japan copy of #209, Reclining Horse, brown pottery; 3. 1980s Bug House mini copy of #341, this one is only 1 1/4" tall though, white bone china; 4. 1950s/1960s copy of #236 (I also have this same model in charcoal color and pinto), white bone china; 5. 1950s copy of #169 - feet apart Saddle Horse, marked with a sticker "Bone China Shiken Japan", white pottery;


6. 1950s copies of #148 - Standing Foal & #147 - Frisky Foal, Frisky is marked with a sticker "Bone China Shiken Japan", white pottery; 7. 1950s Japan copy of #150, grey pottery; 8. 1990’s Copies of the early feet together saddlehorse & frisky foal in zebra color, white bone china; 9. Recent copy of the baby rocking horse with added unicorn horn, dark green rockers, bone china;



10. Two 1950s with "Japan" sticker copies of #146, Saddle Horse, colored pottery (palomino shown is a real H-R); 11. 1950s Japan, colored pottery; 12. Bone china copy of the donkey baby;


1. Lefton 1950s goat kid, colored slip, real H-R on right.  This is one of the best fakes out there.  The main difference is that the H-R stands on three legs in this position (Japan touches with all 4), because, it was designed to stand with it’s front feet up on a spilled milk bucket; 2. Lefton 1950s on left (H-R on right), unmarked, colored pottery.  Another great copy.  Looking straight ahead, H-R looking a little left;


13. 1950’s Japan pottery on left, real H-R on right;


3. Detailed goat styled like the early H-R kids, Japan pottery; 4. 1950s Japan pottery; 5. Recent bone china; 6. Homemade looking ceramic copy of #214;


9. 1960’s Japan bone china copies; 10. 1950’s copies of the early lambs, both marked with ink stamp "Japan", white pottery; 6. Bone china lamb;


7. 1960s Napco, bone china; 8. Left is Hagen-Renaker, middle is a bone china copy, right is a hobby ceramic copy;


1. 1950's copy of mama fox with a companion, less mold detail then H-R & sloppy paint, white pottery; 2. Fox family, Japan "Mikasa" sticker, white bone china; 3. 1950's Japan copy of the early lying fawn, white pottery; 4. 1950’s copies of the early Fawns, marked Japan, grey pottery; 5. 1950’s colored pottery;


6. early 1950’s white pottery; 7. Deer family, Japan sticker, colored pottery & bone china with the chain; 8. Japan, colored pottery, 1950’s;


9. Pewter whispering rabbit with added carrot; 10. Bug House (1980’s/1990’s); 11. White bone china copies of the whispering rabbit family; 12. Shiken early 1950s Bone China; 13. Skunk family, Japan "Shiken" sticked, tan/pink ears, bone china;


23. painted metal; 24. Unknown white pottery copy of the H-R cub (real H-R on the right); 25. 1960s Japan, bone china;


14. Bone china Japan copy of mama skunk; 15. 1970's Keepsake Miniatures from Japan copy of #81, bone china; 16. White bone china; 17. Copy of baby chipmunk #201, Japan sticker, white bone china; 18. colored pottery;


19. Japan matte brown squirrels from the early 1960s, white pottery;


Assorted Plastic Fakers:

29. Two different copies of the baby giraffe, both are white bone china (real one on the right); 30. Copy of #170, white bone china; 31. Copy of the Little brother mouse, probably by Bug House, white bone china;


20. Bone china; 21. Hobby cast ceramic & Bughouse baby hippos; 22. Bone China Half Hippo Copy;


32. 1950s Japan Pottery; 33. 1960s Japan copy of #192, white bone china; 34. 1960s Japan (G Novelty Co), bone china; 35. White Pottery, 1990s;


26. 1950s Japan pottery oversived copies, little H-R cub pictured with them for size comparison; 27. Metal copy of the Grizzly Bear; 28. 1950s mama skunk copy on a planter;


5. Bug House stump, 1980s bone china; 6. Shiken Japan, white pottery, 1960s; 7. 1950s Arcadia novelty salt shaker - mold used for the 1976 H-R bell;


8. Smaller Copy of the Circus Elephant Pedestal;









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